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  • 2015 VocEd Scholarship Recipient

Don Diego VocEd Scholarships Open The Door To Digital Industrial Jobs of the Future

In today’s “digital industrial” world of smart devices and robotics, with self-driving cars on the horizon, Don Diego Scholarship Foundation’s Vocational Education (Voc Ed) scholarships address a need that may appear surprising: skilled manufacturing and technician jobs. Why? Because human beings are needed to build the machines and write the code that enables them to operate.

  • Carolyn Kravitz

Don Diego Scholar Carolyn Kravitz is a Stanford Success Story

Gaining acceptance to one of the nation’s most acclaimed universities, Stanford, is a major accomplishment. To excel in this highly competitive Palo Alto, California university environment, a student must possess not only intellect but also drive. To maintain a stellar GPA while successfully participating in diverse extracurricular activities, the Stanford student must be an exceptional scholar. Don Diego Scholarship Foundation’s top $10,000 scholarship recipient of 2014, Carolyn Kravitz, has all these attributes and more.