Mary Moreno-Christian

UC Davis
Employee Scholarship

“Working as a Camp Del Mar counselor during the Del Mar Thoroughbred Club’s racemeets helped me I became a more effective and independent leader. I plan to major in Engineering and will strive to increase the number of women and Latinas in the STEM field.”

Jessica Xu

Exhibitor/Participant Scholarship

“I served as San Diego Youth Space Program project manager, where I led 20 students from seven high schools to design and build experimental modules sent to the International Space Station. I’ve learned that a positive attitude can make a seemingly insurmountable mountain into a conquerable hill.”

Kyle Murray

Montana State University
Junior Livestock Auction Scholarship

“I have won Showmanship awards and Blue Ribbons in Meat Pen Poultry. In 2016, my chickens won 4-H Champion and Reserve Grand Champion honors. Experiencing the enthusiastic support of the community as I took my poultry across the auction block is something I will remember for a long time.”

  • 2015 VocEd Scholarship Recipient

Don Diego VocEd Scholarships Open The Door To Digital Industrial Jobs of the Future

In today’s “digital industrial” world of smart devices and robotics, with self-driving cars on the horizon, Don Diego Scholarship Foundation’s Vocational Education (Voc Ed) scholarships address a need that may appear surprising: skilled manufacturing and technician jobs. Why? Because human beings are needed to build the machines and write the code that enables them to operate.