Austin Koch

Austin Koch

DonDiegoScholarshipWinners2015-AustinKochUC Santa Cruz
Employee Scholarship

“My Grandstand concert stagehand work at the Fair seasoned me in a valuable work ethic and trained me for my future career in the film industry. The Don Diego scholarship will be extremely helpful.”

Austin Koch received the top $5,000 Employee award based in part upon his stagehand skills at the Fair’s Grandstand concerts. He confides, “Not only has this job seasoned me in a valuable work ethic, but trained me for my future career in the film industry.” Graduating from Ramona High School with a 4.09 GPA, Austin has excelled at an amazing array of activities. He is an Eagle Scout, Class President and wrestled his way to three-time Student-Athlete of the Year as well as two-time County All-Academic Team and the CIF Sportsmanship Award. As he departs for UC Santa Cruz, this confident and articulate young adult proclaims, “Ramona has molded me into a man ready to embrace the raging bull that is the human experience.”

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