DDF-Chair-Paul-Ecke-III-thanks-Susan-Farrior-for-$2,500-donationDel Mar, CA …      Charity Fair Horse Show Trustee Susan Farrior presented a $2,500 donation from the Show to Don Diego Fund Chair Paul Ecke III on September 20, 2011 in support of the Fund’s annual college scholarship program. Farrior also serves on the Fund’s Board.

Ecke states, “Susan has been one of our longtime and most generous contributors. Over the years, her donations have helped several outstanding high school graduates obtain a great college education and forge fulfilling careers.”

Farrior and her husband Mike of Pacific Properties Service Landscape Contractors also sponsored a bus of Zamorano Elementary fourth-graders who visited the 2011 San Diego County Fair as part of the Plant*Grow*Eat program. The program supports the Fund while introducing students from lower-income schools to agriculture and fun.

Farrior recounts, “Mike and I had a great time with the kids. We met the bus when it arrived and escorted the students with their vegetables to the judging area. When Mike learned that rabbits had devoured some of the children’s plants they were growing from seed at their school garden, he offered to go to the school and install a fence. Most of the children had never been to the Fair. In fact, some of them had not journeyed out of their immediate area. We are happy to be able to help students at both the elementary and secondary levels achieve their goals.”

The Don Diego Fund is a nonprofit scholarship program formed in 1986 as a lasting tribute to Tom Hernandez, who, in the role of Don Diego, served as the legendary goodwill ambassador of the Fair from 1947 until his death in 1984. To date, the Fund has awarded $556,000 in scholarships and grants, helping 130 students pursue higher education. The Fund welcomes sponsors at diverse monetary levels, including the Amigo Club offering year-round Fairgrounds fun for $99. For more information, visit www.dondiegofund.org.