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Past Scholarship Recipients


“I have learned the most important thing is believing in myself, and knowing I have the courage and strength to accomplish my dreams.”

Kyah Lattimer in 1995, upon being crowned Fairest of the Fair after being named Miss Fallbrook on her fourth attempt. Her winning speech topic: “Never give up on your dreams.”


“My mother, Debora Huff (née Watkins), was Miss Ramona of 1976. She shared many stories with me about walking around the Fairgrounds with Tom Hernandez as he welcomed people to the Fair. She told me about his importance as the image of the Fair.  Now here I am a beneficiary of funds started in his honor!”

Brett Huff in 2011, upon receiving a $5,000 4-H scholarship to study Agriculture at Dordt College.


“Don Diego helped me fully accomplish my lifetime goal: to be the first person in my family to go to college!”

Kendall Lynch in 2012, upon receiving a $5,000 FFA scholarship to study Animal Science at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.


“I am super-excited to be the very first winner of this Voc Ed scholarship. The money will cover most of my community college school expenses for the two years while I study to become an electrician.”

Matthew Antunez in 2015, recipient of the inaugural $2,500 Vocational Education scholarship.

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Officials and Supporters


“Donating to Don Diego is one of our Charity Fair Horse Show’s reasons for being. Our contributions date back to the Foundation’s inception. It has been my pleasure over the years to help the young people of our community obtain a great college education and go on to fulfilling and worthwhile careers.”

Susan Farrior, Charity Fair Horse Show Founder and Don Diego Board Member


“A college degree is vital in today’s global economy, yet the cost of tuition and books at public and private universities can present a monumental obstacle. At Don Diego, we love transforming obstacles into opportunities while transforming today’s outstanding students into tomorrow’s successful professionals.”

Allan Royster, Past Don Diego President and Current Board Member


“I have been totally impressed with the students who receive the awards and the tenacity it takes to ‘go for it’ as well as the variety of their different activities and talents. These kids will be making some waves of their own!”

2008 Don Diego Gala Attendee Kathy Kohner (aka Gidget) Zuckerman, iconic surfer who inspired the eponymous 1950s book and movie.


“We are honored to support Don Diego. Education is important to the Sycuan Tribe and we are proud to support these outstanding students. We are sure they’re all headed for success.”

Amber Fields, Manager of Public Affairs, Sycuan Band of the Kumeyaay Nation


“When I look back at how Don Diego began – with loads of enthusiasm but not much exposure or money – and see how we’ve grown, I am impressed with the support that has steadily increased. Our students come from around the county; with diverse backgrounds, ethnicities, hopes and dreams. All of them are so deserving. The one thing that has not changed in three decades is the high caliber of our scholarship recipients.”

Chana Mannen, Past San Diego County Fair Deputy General Manager and original/current Don Diego Executive Director

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Plant*Grow*Eat Bus Sponsorship


“You have to be introduced to agriculture to understand it. It’s great for kids to know where their food comes from. Some students may even go into agriculture or nutrition.”

Don Diego Bus Sponsor Gail Brinkerhoff


“Most of our students live in apartments and do not have the experience of gardens. Plant*Grow*Eat has taught them so much. Coming to the Fair to have their crops judged is memorable for them. Now when they have fruit at lunch, they pick out the seeds so we can plant them at school.”

Rosa Parks Teacher Donna Telles


“Do you know why my radish got so big and won a prize? I put secret powder in the soil.”


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