“SDG&E’s donation is very well-spent. It’s so cool
to know that children are learning where their food
comes from.”

SDG&E Community Relations Manager Morgan Justice-Black
“I put my radish plant outside so it could grow.
After a few days, three tiny plants started to grow
and I felt so happy. I thought my plant would die
but it didn’t. I even won a second place ribbon.”
"Our students experienced an opportunity they may never
get again. Their enthusiasm, facial expressions and
conversations about Plant*Grow*Eat are what make
teaching worth every minute."
"I fed a cow and it licked my hand. It was the best day ever. Thank you!" “I saw a horse for the first time in my life.”

Plant*Grow*Eat Bus Sponsorship

Plant*Grow*Eat Bus Sponsorship


Help Kids Enjoy a Growing Adventure at the Fair!

The San Diego County Fair’s Plant*Grow*Eat program teaches children about agriculture and nutrition. The Don Diego Bus Program enables students from Title 1 elementary schools throughout the San Diego area to participate. For many children, this marks their first time to the Fair; for some, their first glimpse of the Pacific Ocean!

The cost of one bus is approximately $350. We welcome donations in any amount.

  • Fair staff visit elementary classrooms throughout the county to provide growing materials.
  • Students learn how to plant a seed, help it grow, and eat the veggie or edible flower.
  • During the Fair, students bring their plants to be judged and tasted.
  • They also visit Ag areas to learn more about farming and nutrition — and to have a great time!
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  • Bus sponsors receive great publicity, including a big sign for “your” bus.
  • You also will receive free Fair parking and admission, so you can meet the students and watch the judging. (We’ll even provide a crash course in radish judging, if you wish!)
  • You’ll get photos with the kids and their plants and enjoy a memorable day.
  • For information, contact dondiego@sdfair.com

“We support Don Diego’s Plant*Grow*Eat Bus Program because it’s important for children to learn how their food is grown; it’s the basis for healthy eating. It’s fun to see the kids enjoying the fruits of their labor and tasting their crops. I tell them not to worry about a little dirt; just go ahead and take a bite!”

Marie Kelley and Stephanie Sibley, Les Dames de Escoffier
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