Resilient. Resplendent. Relentlessly positive. These and other tenacious traits enabled wheelchair- bound Amy Wehner to rise above challenges caused by congenital Spinal Muscular Atrophy; propelling her to soar at Vista High, where she graduated with a 4.1 GPA in 2015, the year she catapulted to Don Diego’s top $5,000 FFA scholarship.

A perennial rabbit and lamb showmanship winner at the San Diego County Fair, Amy wowed Don Diego’s scholarship selection committee as she recounted relying on “optimism and determination to get over the cracks in the pavement,” on sidewalks and in her life. As a spokesperson for people with disabilities, she noted, “Although I do things a little differently from most people, I have yet to find something that I am absolutely unable to do.”

Perseverance and cheerfulness of spirit have accompanied Amy along her journey. After studying at the University of Riverside, Amy currently lives in Oceanside, where she has embarked on an exciting career with an essential oils marketing company.

Optimism and empathy shine through Amy’s smile and social media posts. They represent her personal “essential oils” that get her through tough times, including ongoing health challenges.

Amy advises, “Always be kind … when it’s easy just because and when it’s hard because it’s necessary. Be kind in the most simple moments and most grand moments. Be kind to loved ones, strangers, the earth, and yourself. Being kind is what we all need to live.”

When it comes to living authentically and passionately, Amy Wehner is one of a kind!